Lavender De-stress Retreat
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... Si tu n'arrives pas à penser, marche,
si tu penses trop, marche,
si tu penses mal, marche encore...
Jean Giono
About the event
We invite you to lavender fields of the South of France to enjoy atmosphere of beauty and self-care
Lavender has a calming action on mind and body. We offer you and exclusive opportunity to harmonize body and spirit among famous lavender fields of Provence. We will enjoy relaxing atmosphere of the South of France having intense practice of mindfulness and energy healing.

Your body will have a chance to clean itself enjoying fresh raw meals and Sadhu Board practices. You will set up connections with all your vital chakras.

We will immerse you in the atmosphere of beauty of violet colors at bloomy lavender fields with the possibility of having a private photo shooting.

What you will experience
Our Relaxing program
We prepared an event that you will never forget and will not stop sharing on your Instagram
Sadhu Board Practice
Nail board standing is an extreme practice from Indian Sadhu gurus.

It is a powerful tool to get to the root of your pain and work with all unexpressed emotions and realise your sincere wishes and dreams
Discovering Provence
Following the flow of the Rhone you will have a possibility to enjoy beauty of an old city of Avignon which used to be a spiritual centre of Catholic world in 14 century.

Now Avignon's sightseeing spots are the parts of the UNESCO Heritage.

Exclusive Photoshooting
Enjoy incredible smells of bloomy lavender fields in your best dresses and hats.

During 20-min photoshooting professional photographer will catch your absolute relax and joy with the sunshine on the skin during "Golden Hour" time.

Plan your trip with us
Our friends and associates
You will meet people with
common values and goals
and become a part of
a self-care community
Comfortable private villa in the heart of Provence, a house that unites friends who can share good memories together.
Les Prix
CHF 750.-
Before 31 May 2022
CHF 900.-
After 1 June 2022
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