"Tant que l'Ame, le Corps et l'Esprit sont en harmonie, rien de ne peut nous affecter". Dr E.Bach

Wellness massage
What is wellness massage?
This is a mix of 4 massages Ayuverdic, Californian, Swedish and Chi Nei Tsang

It is a massage-care with oil of the whole body (front, back, hands & feet included). It is harmonizing, restorative, invigorating and gentle at the same time. Thanks to his absolutely unique technique, which includes the elements of Ayuverdic, Swedish, Californian and Chi Nei Tsang Massages, he offers you a real moment of letting go in an enveloping energy cocoon.

This massage will be beneficial in case of: fatigue, stress, burn-out, in case of need to recharge your batteries, to detoxify, to refocus and to find your inner self and self-confidence.

The number of sessions depends on the case and the client's request. It can generally vary from 1 to 3 sessions, preferably at 2 week intervals.

this massage eliminates fatigue, releases tension, rebalances energy flows, drains and revitalizes
Effects of this massage
Give yourself a real parenthesis, a moment of total "letting go" that will allow you to enjoy deep relaxation
Physical health
This gentle and stimulating massage technique allows you to feel maximum relaxation and free yourself from body tension.
Psychologic health
It harmonizes, restores, tones and softens at the same time. Thanks to a very unique technique, it wraps you in a restorative energy cocoon.
CHF 170.-
Entire body up to 2h00
CHF 100.-
Front or back side of the body 1h00
Relaxation absolue!
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I am not a doctor, I do not determine any diagnosis, my services, non-medical, remain wellness support. They do not intervene in any way in the course of allopathic treatments.
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