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Energetic massages and wellness sessions
"Tant que l'Ame, le Corps et l'Esprit sont en harmonie, rien de ne peut nous affecter". Dr E.Bach

Olesya Ustinova-Rotach

Energotherapist, magnetist, energy well-being massages, Initiator to the practice of the Sadhu board (nailboards)

There are no coincidences in life. It is the Universe that places us on the path of encounters that modify our vision of things and allows us to reconnect with the true inner Self.

It happened to me in 2013 when I discovered Reiki. To a cartesian and square person like me this therapy let treat ailments in another way: with an absolute love.

Reiki trainings became my starting point in energy healing. I followed internships that deepened my knowledge in this area. I learned how to take charge of the problem with which the person comes to see a therapist in its entirety, without separating the side emotional on the physical side.

I integrated elements of Sadhu Board Practice, Magnetism, Bach Flowers, Trace Element therapy, Energy Well-being Massage into my work of a healer and a therapist. Nowadays I can analyze person's needs and offer treatments adapted to each individual case.

My sessions
My wonderful clients ❤️
séance de magnetisme
An exceptional experience. Intense and extraordinary sensations! In my case, a newfound energy. I just loved it.
I could write whole stories to describe the sessions with Olesya, but...I consider that each experience is unique and everyone should try at least once to go towards an encounter with the divine in oneself! Try to rediscover yourself.
Planches Sadhu
There is an individual session of initiation to the practice with the Sadhu boards, was out of the ordinary. I came out with mixed feelings, at the same time drained and tested, but emotionally speaking very positive, full of good motivations. The effects lasted a long time. It was an incredible experience!
Massage énérgisant
I can say that your massage is effective and that it has a real action on the body. If there are things to work on, the result is not long in coming. The relaxation following the massage is gentle and does not prevent us from continuing to attend to our obligations or other activities.
The sensation and feeling of well-being remain present long after the session (already 7 hours for me)

In conclusion, I recommend this massage done by Olesya which in addition has a soft and pleasant touch in my opinion.
Séance de magnetisme
I gradually felt my body and mind relax. When you put on a new oil and then I smelled it in my nose, I relaxed even more.

When you sometimes put your two hands down it's like I was stopping where there was a strong connection between my body and mind for me and I was thinking of nothing.
Planches Sadhu
An incredible feeling of dialogue with pain through fear and acceptance. I cried, laughed, sweated and shook with all my muscles.

Within 10 minutes, the body passed the threshold of pain, and after that, warmth and lightness poured over him with thoughts: "I am so happy to live and feel, to be real.
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I am not a doctor, I do not determine any diagnosis, my services, non-medical, remain wellness support. They do not intervene in any way in the course of allopathic treatments.
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