Sadhu Board
Practice that changes people's destiny, harmonizes feelings, mind and conscience
"Si tu résistes au changements, tu résistes à la vie"
Sadhguru Lâche-prise

What is Sadhu Board (nail boards)

It is a practice to evolve the body and the spirit

The Sadhu plank is the practice of standing on a plank to which special nails are nailed at regular intervals.

This practice makes it possible to launch the energies hidden and fixed in the body. It is a tool for harmonizing emotions, mind and consciousness, a practice of spiritual development.

The pressure of the nails due to the weight of the person on the acupuncture points located on the soles of the feet triggers the processes of cleansing and regeneration of the human body. By practicing regularly, it can overcome even chronic diseases in the long term.

According to the results of numerous studies, the WHO has concluded that the impact on acupuncture points can be effective in at least 28 different diseases, ranging from headaches and depression to allergic reactions, strokes and to pain in the spine.

The benefits of practicing the Sadhu Board

How to transform pain into resourses

  • 1
    Physical health
    According to Eastern philosophy, the projection of our internal organs is found on the soles of our feet which contains over 70,000 nerve endings. When we stand on the nails, we stimulate these acupuncture points.

    The practice allows:
    • Improve physical health
    • Boost immunity
    • Stimulate cleansing (body detoxification, blood flow cleansing) and recovery processes
    • Improve the functioning of the intestines
    • Stimulate all body systems
    • Improve the functioning of the hormonal system
    • Improve posture
    • Boost metabolism
    • Remove tension by stimulating acupuncture points
  • 2
    Mental health
    Regular practice of the nail board allows you to:
    • Develop stress resistance, concentration, willpower and other personal qualities
    • Calm and control the mind and regain self-control
    • Raising and expanding the level of consciousness.
    • Increase psychological strength
    • Learn to be in the moment
    • Boost self-confidence
    • Increase stamina
    • Connect to your inner resources
    • Increase the ability to overcome difficulties in life
    • Break free from traumatic patterns/programs, limiting beliefs
    • Direct the energy released during the practice to heal old traumas
    • Free yourself from buried emotions
  • 3
    Energy circulation
    The practice of the nail board allows you to:

    • Improve and harmonize the flow of energy in the body
    • Eliminate energy "blockages" in the channels and provide the person with an extra portion of energy, vigor and strength
    • Activate the energy centers of the body – the chakras
  • 4
    Strengthening Spirit
    The practice of the nail board allows you to:

    • Allows the spiritual awakening of the person and the personal and spiritual development
    • Allows the person to connect to their true inner "I", to their soul
    • Allows you to experience negative karma: gradually digest it and thus avoid unpleasant consequences in everyday life
    • Allows you to become aware of your destiny, your life mission
    • Allows you to work with your intention, your true wishes and to direct the energy released during the practice to the realization of these wishes, these intentions.
    • Allows you to regain your balance, your centering

People who practice nailboarding regularly become more courageous, more "alive", healthier, connected to their inner resources, full of energy.

The practice of nail board changes the person in every way!

Sadhu boards are divided into three levels of difficulty depending on the distance between the nails:

8mm for beginners
10 mm for the beginner/intermediate level (classic)
13 mm for the advanced level

Nails can be galvanized (for beginner/medium level) and copper (for advanced level)

Who can start practicing Sadhu Board?

Everyone can practice the Sadhu board:
children, teenagers, adults, the elderly.
However, there are some contraindications to the practice:

  • Mental illnesses
  • cardiovascular illnesses
  • the pregnancy
  • the cancer
  • recent operations and injuries
  • various inflammations in the body
  • inflammatory crises and other crises
  • wounds on the soles of the feet
Sadhu Board sessioons
It is important to be introduced to this practice by the approved accompanying person
Why is it important to be introduced to this practice by the approved accompanying person and to practice the nail board also with the accompanying person?

  • The person will be able to go through the process in the best way for him, without putting himself in difficulties and in danger
  • The companion helps the practitioner to go through pain and fears in the most conscious and wise way
  • The practice will take place in the best conditions because the person will be in the powerful energy field of support.
  • The process will be lived with more depth
  • The companion helps the practitioner to manage emotions, pain and free themselves from them
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Group session up to 2h30
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Sessions semi-private for 2 pers. – 2h
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Individual session up to 1h30 – 2h
For your better understanding of practice
My wonderful clients ❤️
  • Maria
    The practice of nailing has long been known to yogis and people involved in spiritual self-development, including stars. From sensations someone cries, someone laughs. It was a first experience for me, although many friends have already tried Sadhu's nail boards and made it a regular practice.

    An incredible feeling of dialogue with pain through fear and acceptance. I cried, laughed, sweated and shook with all my muscles. Within 10 minutes, the body passed the threshold of pain, and after that, warmth and lightness poured over him with thoughts: "I am so happy to live and feel, to be real."

    Thanks Olya.

  • Polina
    The individual session of initiation to the practice with the Sadhu boards, was out of the ordinary.

    I came out with mixed feelings, at the same time drained and tested, but emotionally speaking very positive, full of good motivations.

    The the effects lasted a long time. It was an incredible experience!
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