Dr.Bach Flowers
"Tant que l'Ame, le Corps et l'Esprit sont en harmonie, rien de ne peut nous affecter". Dr E.Bach

Prevention and treatment of ailments with the floral essences of Dr. Edward Bach
What are Bach Flowers?
Bach flowers are flower elixirs that act positively on negative emotions
These flower essences help the person to overcome his problems.

Bach Flowers can support and heal different emotional states such as states of fear, loneliness, discouragement etc. These states can cause or are often linked to physical problems that Bach flowers also help to treat.

This therapy can be used in case of: physical ailments, emotional problems (various fears, anxieties, state of loneliness, discouragement, lack of interest, lack of confidence or other negative emotional states), fatigue, burn-out, depression , hypersensitivity to people and ideas, excessive concern for others, etc.
About Dr.Bach Flowers
Bach flowers offer 38 natural flower essences to support everyday emotional well-being.

Each Flower is picked by hand in Edward Bach's garden, or in the surrounding area, with the exception of Olive and Vine which are imported from Europe. The method and place of manufacture have remained the same since 1936.

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Dr.Bach Flowers session

At the end of each session, the person who consults leaves with a mixture of Bach Flowers made to measure. This mixture will accompany the person for 21 days, during which the drops must be taken daily.
Who can benefit from the sessions?
Adults, children, teenagers, the elderly in case of: fatigue, excessively restless mind, sleep problems, tensions in the body
CHF 120.-
First session 1h30
CHF 90.-
Next sessions 1h
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I am not a doctor, I do not determine any diagnosis, my services, non-medical, remain wellness support. They do not intervene in any way in the course of allopathic treatments.
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