Unlocking chocs negative of the past
"Tant que l'Ame, le Corps et l'Esprit sont en harmonie, rien de ne peut nous affecter". Dr E.Bach

Deactivation and neutralization

What is unlocking chocs of the past?
Get rid of the burden of the past and old traumas. Take back control of your life.
These negative emotional upheavals, these traumas that we have received throughout our lives, maybe from early childhood or even at the time of our conception, remain always active in our subconscious and affect our behavior, our vision of life, our management of our emotions. .

These unlived emotional traumas, frozen in our body, manifest in our discomfort:

Removal of negative emotional upheavals of the past is a cleansing, liberation session that deactivates old connections with past traumas that affect a person’s behavior and can lead to the body suffering the resulting damage.

The session is held sitting at the table: you, me and my pendulum as a working tool, and includes 3 stages:

  • work with the subconscious (where shocks will be unlocked)
  • awareness of marked emotional upheavals
  • work with consciousness (where shocks will be eliminated)

Often after these three steps I do the work of crystallizing the unlocking with magnetism.
Who needs this session?
During this session, you will be free from everything that needs to be unlocked, cleared, removed.
Tobacco-alcohol addiction
Behavioral traumas
Self-doubt, anxiety, stress, phobias
Difficulties with choice and decision making
Weight problems
CHF 280.-
Duration 3 hours
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Relaxation absolue!
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I am not a doctor, I do not determine any diagnosis, my services, non-medical, remain wellness support. They do not intervene in any way in the course of allopathic treatments.
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