Kata Vibra
Le lâcher-prise est la simple mais profonde sagesse qui nous porte à laisser couler le courant de la vie plutôt que d'y résister. Et le seul momentvous pouvez sentir ce courant, c'est dans l'instant présent.

Eckhart Tolle

Energy vibrations massages
What is Kata Vibra?
"Être dans son corps afin de ne plus être dans sa tête"
It is an active energy treatment that is carried out by vibrations of the upper and lower limbs of the body and the central part of the body. It leads to deep relaxation following the letting go of the body. This technique allows you to release the blockages present in the body and to calm the agitated mind in order to be able to live the Present moment.

This treatment improves circulation at the cervical level, relaxes the muscles, shoulders, knees, etc. and invites you to experience a magical moment of reconnection with yourself. This technique does not require the use of oil or undressing, so it is an alternative to energy massage-wellness.
Kata Vibra session
This technique frees the breath, brings deep relaxation to the body, improves blood circulation in the cervical spine, stimulates joints and tissues.
When to get KataVibra
This technique can be used in case of: fatigue, too agitated mind, sleep problems, tensions in the body
CHF 100.-
First session 1h15
CHF 90.-
Next sessions 1h

An exceptional experience! Intense and extraordinary sensations! In my case, renewed energy! I simply loved it!!!

I could write whole stories to describe the sessions with Olesya, but...I consider that each experience is unique and everyone should try at least once to go towards an encounter with the divine in oneself! Try to re-discover yourself!
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I am not a doctor, I do not determine any diagnosis, my services, non-medical, remain wellness support. They do not intervene in any way in the course of allopathic treatments.
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